About me

Welcome to the little island of my imagination and creativity.

My name is Alex. I was born in Belarus but have a mixed heritage of Russian and Korean. This is reflected not only in how I look, but they also represent the cultures I very much enjoy. I would say I’m a creature with a mind of my own with a wish to present an artistic vision of it to the world. What you can observe in my gallery is somewhat of an explosion of my emotions and feelings, which I decided to share with the world with a help of oil paints and brushes.

You may find some of my paintings dark, or even scary, some of them opposite – bright and colorful. Painting allows me to create things which you cannot find in the real world and enables me to adjust, change, or boost some of nature’s images that surround us. I transform my visions into abstract and illusionary paintings in order to let you open the deepest, and even darkest corners of your mind and senses.
As much as I love creating, the main focus of my art is to provide enjoyment for others. I hope to inspire you during times of difficulty or accompany your happiest times. My work is designed to be thought provoking and stimulate a wide range of emotions. I do hope you enjoy my gallery.