Artist limitations

Consider you just started your art career. The first advise given to new beginners is about a necessity of producing work in one style and better related to one topic. Most of the artists are trying to follow this advice. In my opinion, it’s quite limiting for an artistic soul, however, frames formed by the society are too strict. If you would like to sell your artwork online – you better have your own style. If you want to join a gallery or exhibit your work – you better be solving a problem and of course within your style. Artist […]


Flexibility in understanding art

In general, understanding art is not something extremely difficult, however in many cases one’s mind might be lost, while looking at a painting, sculpture or any other art piece. Having an ability to imagine is key, in my opinion. First, we begin from one or few of our senses. Mostly we start from general observation, such as size, allocation of main parts, textures, colors, followed by details. In some cases, context or surrounding might have a huge impact on our perception. For example, painting might be a result of an artwork series, composed from many different objects. Another good example […]



One of my favorite paintings, which I was keeping with me for few years. There are a lot of hidden meanings. Some of them are quite personal, however I would love to share it with you. The most important meaning is about being in public and emotions related to this. You know the feeling, when you’ve been preparing something for a very long time, have to put all your energy, all your soul into it…and then you are presenting a result of your work… You are trying to feel more relaxed by slowing down breathing…Your heartbeat as high as of […]