Artist limitations

Consider you just started your art career. The first advise given to new beginners is about a necessity of producing work in one style and better related to one topic. Most of the artists are trying to follow this advice.

In my opinion, it’s quite limiting for an artistic soul, however, frames formed by the society are too strict. If you would like to sell your artwork online – you better have your own style. If you want to join a gallery or exhibit your work – you better be solving a problem and of course within your style. Artist recognition is the biggest argument. And that’s why, to make a choice between following your soul and the society’s needs is so difficult.

Sometimes artists produce work that is considered to be  “out of style”, which they will never present, thinking it will be  inappropriate and destructive, since following the soul and producing artwork in different styles might lead to a complete failure in terms of recognition.

I urge all the artists not to fall into this trap and continuously create work only related to personal emotions and feelings.